Miley…Robin…and the Big Mac

What can we learn from Miley, Robin and the Big Mac???

We’d be hard pressed to find any blog or talking head that has not talked about MTV’s VMAs from a week ago.  First off, I have no intentions of getting on a high horse about MTV or Miley or bemoaning how far society has fallen (please note the sarcasm in that last phrase…).  This is not one more blog jumping on the bandwagon.  I am much more appalled at too many pastors’ responses and enjoyment of casting verbal stones her way as if John 8 never happened.  Not to mention how heartbreaking it is that no one seems concerned about the backup dancers who have been dancing and over sexualized for decades.  Or the atrocity that no one seemed upset with the male on stage!?!  But I digress….

I’m a little curious what we can learn from Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, and the Big Mac?  More specifically is there a connection between America’s epidemic of obesity and our overtly sexualized culture? 

Both hunger and sex contain biological instincts and natural desires.  We get hungry.  Our bodies need sustenance to survive so we eat.  If you’ve ever gone through puberty or remember it, odds are you remember what some of those “other” instincts were as they awoke from their slumber.  We are here because someone else (2 as a matter of fact) biological procreated through natural instincts and desires of sex.  Both food and sex contain within themselves aspects of biology and instinct and desire.

But what happens when we use nature as an excuse for indulgence?  What happens to our stomachs if we continually overfill them? 

I know I’m not biology expert but essentially our stomachs stretch.  And then we need more to make ourselves feel full.  And then we overeat again the next day.  And our stomachs stretch again.  And then, because we’ve confused our faux feeling of “hunger” with our natural instinct for sustenance we eat again…And then…Do you hear the cycle? 

How should we expect our sexual appetite to be any different? 

Appetites grow by indulgence.  I am not convinced that we have much of a right to be shocked and appalled by VMA performances or wardrobe malfunctions.  The world did not turn into a sex crazed machine overnight any more than any one of us went to bed at 190lbs and woke up at 300lbs.

That does not mean we shouldn’t be heartbroken about where we are though.  Quite the opposite.  Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, Big Macs, Quadruple Stackers…these extremes could serve as the catalyst for change.  The status quo of indulging the natural cannot continue in this direction.  Everything must change…and that starts with redefining our “instincts.”  The question is how…and that’s next week.

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