I have a dream, you have a dream, God has a dream

IMG_2029I have a dream. You have a dream. I presume that our wives, husbands, children, friends, and neighbors have dreams. Dr. King had a dream. This week we were reminded of Dr. King’s dream as we celebrated the 50th anniversary of his historical speech which he projected from the shadow of the towering Lincoln Memorial. I wonder, though, have you ever considered if God has a dream?

Dr. King’s speech addressed injustice, corruption, oppression, racism, and social corruption. It was revolutionary. It started a revolution. The funny thing about revolution is you can’t have a revolution if it’s guided by the rules that the movement is revolting against. Dr. King and his followers remembered just that. Remember the non-violent nature of the civil rights movement. Where violence, intimidation, and fear were used, they were met with peace, silence, and meek fearlessness. The revolutionary tactics of the Dr. King forever changed the world.

Notice the world was forever changed by the actions of the brave men and women of the Civil Rights Movement but the work is still not done. Injustice, corruption, racism, and social corruption still plague our culture. While the movement started the revolution, as time moves forward, there is an assumed responsibility to continue to hold the mantle of Dr. King’s dream. It follows that those who believe in this civil rights revolution would work to ensure that Dr. King’s dream would come true.

So, what about God’s dream? Could Dr. King’s dream be similar to God’s dream? Does your dream match up with God’s dream? Is it even possible to know what God’s dream is? We get a glimpse of God’s dream through the teaching of Jesus. You’re probably thinking that this is an impossible feat. How could we presume to know the thoughts and dreams of God? I maintain that he has told us about his dream. He shows us what his dream not unlike Dr. King – in a speech.

God’s Dream looks like this:

People will be poor in spirit, meek, hunger and thirst for righteousness, be merciful, pure in heart, peacemakers, and joyfully suffer persecution for those things that are right.

People will be the salt and light the world – by doing good works

People will refuse to indulge anger and seek reconciliation

People won’t lust but keep their heart pure

People won’t take revenge but find creative non-violent ways to overcome evil

People will love their enemies

People won’t have to worry about their daily needs but trust God’s care

People will treat others as they want to be treated

People will live out the teachings of Jesus

These parameters are drastically different from those that our current culture lives by. The current culture, even the culture when the Sermon on the Mount was delivered, is defined by a self-centered, pleasure seeking, me-first mentality. The new rule as defined by Jesus shifts the focus from us to God and our neighbors. As Christians we are united by the same Creeds and by believing in the same Jesus that makes our dreams more similar and makes us more like siblings than neighbors. As we seek to enforce the new set of rules in an attempt to be a disruption to status-quo, we need to remember that we have a responsibility to love God, our neighbors as ourselves – gracefully.

Jesus changed the world forever. His movement is a revolution like no other and as time moves forward there is an assumed responsibility to continue to hold the light of Jesus’ dream. Those of us who dream of a world where the list above will comes true can be united and encouraged that our dream is the same as God’s.

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