Finding our Thin Place

thin place

We are all looking for thin places.  In one way or another, people are searching for thin places, those places where the divine and the human come as close as intimately possible.  Some people search through physical bliss and relational pleasure; others search for it in books, literature and the arts; and others search for them in relics and bastions of spirituality across the world.  Whatever your search, we are all looking for that intersection of something bigger and outside of ourselves.

Eric Weiner, an esteemed writer for the New York Times seems to fit the latter category, scouring the world for geographic places in history where the world of the divine has touched the world of humanity.  You can read his article here if you’d like to see more of his story.  In a sense he is correct. 

There is something special about standing before the Wonders of the World and meditating on the powers that shaped them…

There’s something transforming about standing where religious giants have stood against the powers of injustice or where great societal transformations took place…

To quote Weiner, “Thin places relax us, yes, but they also transform us — or, more accurately, unmask us. In thin places, we become our more essential selves.”  And I agree whole heartedly, but what if we are searching in the wrong place?  What if the best place to see where heaven meets earth was to look within ourselves? 

This is what sets the Christian faith apart and calls for such great responsibility on our part.  The works of Christ on the cross, the victory over the grave and the outpouring of Pentecost have given us the possibility of becoming the very Temple of God in this world!  We are the thin place! 

I said this last week and it bears repeating…heaven is not some ethereal place where ghosts float around.  It is as real as you and I reading this screen only in a dimension that we cannot always understand or visualize.  Except…except, when we see ourselves as the thin place where heaven dwells on earth!

Read 1 Corinthians 3-6, we are thin place where heaven and earth overlap and intersect!  Our bodies are where the presence of God dwells on this earth and that is why bodily holiness is so crucial to our faith!  

When we treat our bodies as trash receptacles it pushes heaven that much further away.

When we fail to care for our health…when we allow our bodies to worship chemicals through addiction…when we allow our minds to be corrupted by images and physical distortions…when we listen to the voice of the Deceiver instead of the voice of the Father…it pushes heaven that much further away. 

The next time we want to see heaven on Earth, what if we looked in the mirror?  The next time someone asks to see the Kingdom, what if we showed them our life? 

Everyone is looking for thin places…what if we started caring for the ones we have?

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