Introducing: Q&A

We have been asked many questions since we formed this blog, and we wish to address them clearly. So, we are going to be creating a Q&A tab for frequently asked questions. Here are a few examples:

Questions and Answers:

What is the difference between a holistic view of faith that views Christianity as beneficial to every aspect of life (as “The Echo Life” promotes) and the promotion of a prosperity gospel (health/wealth/prosperity)?

We do not promote a health, wealth, and prosperity gospel when we speak of the good impact of holistic faith. Such perverse uses of Scripture are about the mere promotion of self, using truth as leverage to get what the self wants. Instead, this is about selfless, outward focused faith, bettering the self for the benefit of others and the Kingdom, making sure the tools of the Master are well kept, which is certainly our duty as His stewards. Viewed this way, not caring for the body is selfish and is just as perverse as promoting a prosperity gospel. We must not slip into either ditch. While seeking Truth is certainly not about self, nonetheless, being who God has called us to be cannot help but produce benefits for the one who submits to His will. As our Lord told us: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33).

What specific dietary lifestyle and exercise plan does “The Echo Life” community promote? 

While we certainly have ideas about what is and is not good in the areas of diet and exercise (i.e. Real foods are preferred to highly processed and genetically modified foods, and workouts that promote good form and make you sweat are better than any “miracle” workout), we do not promote any particular dietary or exercise movement, although, if you read long enough, you might hear one of us talk about the dietary lifestyle and exercise plans we choose to embrace. Instead of adopting one particular movement in diet or exercise, we simply ask that our audience think about what they are doing and committing to. Do not try everything that comes down the pike. Instead, choose a dietary and exercise lifestyle that reflects your beliefs, especially if these beliefs are grounded in faith. This is our real goal. We want persons to not simply find someone else’s opinion, but to be disciplined to learn about your own health, and to make well informed, faith-filled decisions that are practical and ethical.

What makes “The Echo Life” different from other Christian ministries that promote health, fitness, and wellness?

It really is not our intent to be different, although it seems that we are. If there were a ministry in existence doing exactly what we were doing, we would not simply consider changing to be different. We are not out to corner a market in order to make money. What sets us apart from what we see from other Christian websites dedicated to health is that we are not promoting “our way.” In other words, we are not offering a diet plan or an exercise program that is supposed to be “Christian.” Instead, we are trying to provide a framework for people to use when considering what sort of life they want to live. We are asking people to think. For someone to suggest that this or that is the way for a Christian to exercise or diet is a gimmick. Our approach is to offer an in depth look at theology to help our reader to develop an ethic upon many areas of life. Health and fitness simply serve as our platform for promoting holistic spirituality.

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