Food For Thought…(1/2/12…New Year’s Resolutions)

Food for thoughtBack in November we released an article, “Think Your Way To A Leaner Body.” While the title might seem to reflect some new meditating technique, titles are often never what they seem on The Echo Life. Instead of meditation, this article explored more of an ethical issue, rather than a physical one. In the end, the argument was made that we cannot just “do” things to change. We must “be” or at least “become,” by the power of grace, what we wish to be before we can do what we wish to be.

In this day and age, we pay homage to the tradition of New Year’s resolutions, but we often scoff at the thought that we could actually accomplish our task. In a recent article on Relevant Magazine Online, Sungyak Kim explores the sort of shift of perspective we need in order to “be” who we want to be:

“Why your New Year’s Resolutions Won’t Work”

What do you think?

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