Food For Thought…(12.19.12 Inflammation)

Food for thoughtIn a previous post we discussed the need for Omega-3 fatty acids. We talked about the American diet and how its toxic in Omega-6 fatty acids and practically devoid of Omega-3 fatty acids. The distinction is an important one to your health because being toxic in Omega-6 fatty acids up-regulates the inflammatory cascade.

The Food for Thought article comes from Time Magazine. In this February 2004 cover article, chronic inflammation is discussed. Pay close attention to the list of disorders that have been linked to chronic inflammation. The American diet perpetuates this cycle because of toxic levels of Omega-6 and deficient levels Omega-3 fatty acids. This imbalance in these vital nutrients adds to countless problems in the health of the population.,9171,993419,00.html

How can we begin to fix the problem? You have to take control of your own choices. Discipline to choose to eat foods congruent with our design is essential. The first step is limiting the consumption of processed grains and cereals. These “foods” are considered highly inflammatory. Next, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Fresh green-leafy vegetables are a good source for fiber, Omega-3, and other vital nutrients. Finally, when choosing meat be sure to find grass-fed or wild caught meats. Commercially raised cattle, farm raised fish, and hen-house chicken are all fed processed grains; the very grains that are highly inflammatory. Add an Omega-3 fish oil supplement and see if you don’t start feeling the difference right away.

What do you think about the food for thought article this week?

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