Food For Thought (10.31.12)

The Echo Life has as a foundational premise for our motives and ethic promoted here on the blog and that is the fact that God is right now at work in the lives of those He loves, bringing wholeness in the midst of our broken realities. If the Christian community takes seriously that our justified state before God, made possible by the atonement of Christ, allows for continued growth in sanctification, then we also must affirm that our salvation is not simply a matter of declaration, that God simply says, “I accept you,” but that He says, “I am transforming you.” Sanctification affirms healing.

If this is so, then we must affirm that God is healing our brokenness right now in many ways. As “charismatic” as it might sound, healing is real. It sometimes happens by degrees that are almost unnoticeable until we simply realize, “I am different now,” even without recognizing when it happened, and it is sometimes radical.

From today’s Food For Thought article:

“The healing theme runs throughout the metanarrative of the Bible: Creation to Fall to redemption to consummation. Every stage involves healing, restoration, reconciliation, and transformation of God’s people in spirit, soul (mind, will, emotion), and body through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

The take home from this article; however, at least for us, is the fact that sometimes we are not healed as we wish to be healed, at least not as soon as we wish to be healed, some infirmities simply seem to stay for our lifetime. That God does not take some afflictions away often leaves us to wonder why.

The answer to this question is the great factor that separates a proper understanding of God’s healing here-and-now with the sort of “healing” espoused by the proponents of the “health, wealth, prosperity” gospel.

God’s healing “Yes” is always based in the sovereign grace of God and is meant to complete His purposes. If healing will bring more brokenness to the individual (through pride or making available a more self-dependent life) God’s ultimate “Yes” to the restoration of all things will be mercifully held back for now.

Read this article, The Yes And No Of Healing, and share with us where you see God’s healing in the here-and-now fitting into His overall plan for humanity.

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