Food for Thought…(10.24.2012)

The body’s true ability to adapt is the root of our health and wellness. When abnormal stress forces us out of our rhythm we are required to adapt to that new rhythm. If we live our lives at the edge of our personal tolerance and at the highest frequency it is reasonable to think that less stimuli will push us over the edge quicker. Have you ever met someone who is always sick, always taking time of work, always mad at the world? Compare that generalized person to the person who is happy, content, and is self aware.

The following is from this weeks food for thought article. “Do you know what supports your rhythm, allowing you to be your healthiest, happiest and most radiant self? Seasons circle ‘round, and here in the Northern Hemisphere the shift into fall is bringing forth bright festive foliage, the need for warm layers and a shift toward indoor activities. There is a rhythm and flow to life, which constantly transitions from one cycle to the next. The ability to find and live within the right balance for ourselves through these changes enriches all aspects of our…”

This is is something that we hold near-and-dear to our hearts at The Echo Life. We believe that we have to hold our lives in balance. We recognize that life throws curve balls, or maybe a better description, knuckle balls but living balanced lives will certainly make it a little easier to cope with times of stress. We are designed to adapt. Your body will adapt one way or another. Instead of running yourself ragged and paying the consequences try finding a balanced rhythm and set yourself up with the resources that you’ll need to overcome those knuckle balls.

How do you balance your life? Do you know what supports your rhythm? What are common things that hurt your rhythm? Do you have specific ways that help to maintain the balance of your life?

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