Food For Thought…(10.17.12)

In our last food for thought (FFT), we explored N.T. Wright’s explanation that Earth is our true home, but it is not as it is meant to be one day. God will not only restore us, but He will restore Creation as well. So, how will this change our view of what the Bible tells us about ourselves? Is there a place we can look to see what life might be like in the future?

What about Eden?

The theological foundations for The Echo Life are anchored in the biblical narrative and what God has to say about who humans are and what we mean to Him. Our calling to be mindful of the physical body and realm we are given is to respect the story of the Bible all the way back to the beginning.  If we can, as Wright reminded us in the last FFT, see God’s true concern for everything He created and not just the spiritual realm, we might come to see just how important the physical is to the spiritual.

In the article, Creation Restored, by our own, Tab Miller, he explores what Eden means to us today as persons living in a world that have lost Eden. Is there any hope for our seeing our home, Eden, again, or, has God scrapped the whole project of Creation?

We hope that once you see God’s intentions for Eden and humanity, you might see a little more as to why we hold stewardship of all good things God gives us, including the body and earth, so seriously.

Creation Restored

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