Food For Thought…(9.26.12)

One major premise for The Echo Life’s support of physical health as a broader view of living out the Christian faith stems from our understanding of the afterlife.

There is much confusion about what happens after death in today’s Western Christian community, and some of the confusing views only lend to the health issues of our society.

Any view of eternity that does not envision the biblical principles of ongoing stewardship and real physicality, and instead opts for a view of disembodied souls merely in existence to sing worship in a monolithic sense (or the like), is a caricature of the real thing.

The ancient Christian belief of the life to comes relies fully on the resurrection from the dead. Real resurrection affirms the created order as valuable. It affirms that we should steward the body we live in now, because it has worth, and is not simply matter that must be discarded for eternity, and it affirms our worship in the afterlife is more than static praise, but a working with God in His good creation.

With this in mind, we offer today’s food for thought, a video from N.T. Wright that explores what we will do after we die.

NT Wright: What Will We Do In Heaven?

How does this impact how we live now? What are your thoughts?


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