Food For Thought (9.19.12)

Suggested Reading for 9.19.12

What do we do with information overload?

Before our launch we recommended an article on our facebook page from RELEVANT Magazine entitled Groceries Without Guilt. The author, Kirsten Phillips, reflects on the pressures of trying to eat correctly, suggesting that the onslaught of ideas about what is right and wrong is often simply too much to process.

In the end, Phillips offers comfort in solidarity for those who sometimes become overwhelmed and give up or stumble. When we fall short of our goals and calling, we certainly need to allow grace to operate. We need not allow ourselves to feel condemned, and Phillips gives many ways to see the silver lining when we eat junk food, but shouldn’t there be another option between stressfully preparing our dietary lives and breaking down and taking short-cuts?

 Dr. Kurt Perkins gives some great advice in his article, Education Pollutes the Mind, in which he suggests that if we feel overwhelmed, we need to stop gathering more information and simply act on those things we know to be healthy.

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    Great stuff. Good material!

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    Pulling out rubber band…

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      We are too.