Stewardship: Part Two

As I sit and think today I’m reminded of an important point with regard to a holistic understanding of the term “stewardship:” You cannot steward what you do not have. For example, a church shouldn’t expect you to give more than you have. It seems counter intuitive to me when I see TV churches that are more than willing to take your credit card number if you short on cash or check. But I digress…

My point is simple and self-serving at the moment: don’t over do it. Use whatever term suits your need or understanding. Pace yourself; don’t over work yourself because of what you used to be able to do, etc. Part of holistic stewardship is not only a physical discipline but mental and time management disciplines as well. So, if you find yourself feeling sick or truly over exerted at work, maybe holistic stewardship means taking a Sabbath or going to bed early.

This is where I found myself this week. A chest cold and sleep deprived body made for a light running week. Sometimes the best thing for the holistic care of our bodies is a little R&R, so long as that does not become a mask for lethargy. Sometimes life happens and schedules must be flexible. The key is to guard against habitually over exerting at work or the gym.

Balance is essential, and we cannot steward over what we do not have.


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